the white stripes

Detroit based band The White Stripes consists of Jack and (his sister) Meg White. In 2000 they released a 7" for the Sub Pop label with only Van Vliet compositions.  


  the white stripes: party of special things to do - china pig - ashtray heart
    (2000, 7", usa, sub pop records sp527) - tracks written by van vliet

  the white stripes: fans can't be wrong
    (2007, lp-bootleg, italy, sub pop) - incl. various van vliet compositions

  the white stripes: rare a-sides / rare b-sides
    (2007, lp-bootleg, ??, ??) - incl. various van vliet compositions

  various artists: party of special things to do
    (2011, 7", usa, third man records) - part of the third man records "2011 first quarter vault package" / all tracks written by don van vliet

whitestripes2011_partyof.jpg (10984 bytes)

  the white stripes: live in detroit
    (2017, 3lp, usa, third man records  tmr524-526) - incl. 'ashtray heart' (don van vliet)

thewhitestripes_liveindetroit.jpg (19896 bytes)




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