wizards of ooze

Originally called Vibes Ahead Alliance.
Wizards Of Ooze released three albums between 1994 and 1999.


  vibes ahead allicance: the bone
    (1992, 12", bel, vibes ahead records)

vibes_ahead_thebone12.jpg (6838 bytes)

  vibes ahead allicance: the bone
    (1992, cdep, bel, vibes ahead records) = cd-release of the above 12"
vibesaheadalliance_thebone.jpg (12914 bytes)
  wizards of ooze: the dipster
    (1994, cd, bel, backbone records)
wizardsofooze_thedipster.jpg (24530 bytes)
  wizards of ooze: bambee!
    (1996, cd, bel, backbone records)
wizardsofooze_bambee.jpg (26964 bytes)
  wizards of ooze: almost... bikini
    (1999, cd, bel, barracuda)
wizardsofooze_bikini.jpg (30470 bytes)
  the wizards of ooze: the unheard tales of... helga schröder
    (2017, lp  + cd, bel, buteo buteo)




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