wizards of ooze


1996 cd bel backbone records 74321421092


  peter revalk: guitars (egmond, höffner, epiphone, sicilian 6 string, super 7 string), keyboards (hammond, wurlitzer, fender rhodes), lead vocals (3, 6, 12, 13), backing vocals, percussion
  luk michiels: bass (fender telecaster, fender jazzbass, rickenbacker, double bass, epiphone)
  bruno meeus: drums and percussion (ludwig, woodland, trixon, slingerland, king, ajax, yamaha, premier, zildjian, sabian, paiste
  hugo boogaerts: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, flutes
  wim tops: keyboards (hohner clavinet, wurlitzer, fender rhodes, mini-moog, moog source, moog rogue, yamaha cs15, roaldn sh07, pro 1 sequential circuits, memory moog), lead vocals (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9), sicilian 6 string, percussion, backing vocals, vibraphone, mikeblowing
  luk van tilborgh: trumpet, bugle, trombone, percussion, vibraphone
  sabine kabongo: lead vocals  4, 11
  marie daulne: lead vocals  10
  trijntje oosterhuis: lead vocals and backing vocals  7
  berget lewis: backing vocals  7
  caroline dest: backing vocals  7
  frank michiels: percussion  3
  l'orchestre d'amour internale: strings  12, 13

produced by wim tops and peter revalk
executive producer: peter vanderhallen

  1. buttgrabba
  2. buttgrabba
  3. spicy
  4. bright day
  5. burt & bambee!
  6. phaser
  7. hifi
  8. skating
  9. sunnycruiser
  10. patrice
  11. bunny
  12. dusty pieces
  13. dusty pieces