the wrong object

after the exhibition

2013 cd usa moonjune mjr055

recorded in liège and brussels

  michel delville: guitar, roland gr-09
  antoine guenet: keyboards, vocals
  marti mella: bass and tenor saxes, clarinet
  françois lourtie: tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, voice
  pierre mottet: bass
  laurent delchambre: drums, percussions, object, samples
  benoît moerlen: marimba and electronic vibraphone on tracks 2, 3, 5-7, 11
  susan clynes: vocals on track 8

produced by guillaume dauzou, henri dedeken, kyle reese, matthew wright
executive producer: leonardo pavkovic

  1. detox gruel  (m.delville)

  2. spanish fly  (m.delville)

  3. yantra  (l.delchambre)

  4. frank nuts  (m.delville, a.guenet)

  5. jungle cow  part I  (the wrong object)

  6. jungle cow  part II  (m.delville)

  7. jungle cow  part III  (m.delville)

  8. glass cubes  (a.guenet)

  9. wrong but not false  (p.mottet)

  10. flashlight into black hole  (a.guenet)

  11. stammtisch  (b.moerlen)