wrong object

play zappa and a few tunes of their own
    - incl.various frank zappa compositions,
    = "malign siesta" with extra zappa tracks

2003 cdr bel private release

  michel delville: guitar, synth
  alain deval: drums, percussion
  damien polard: bass
  yves dellicour: bass clarinet, soprano sax
  ludovic jeanmart: alto sax
  andrew norris: vocals & poetry  5,7
  domgué: tenor sax  7
  steve mccaffery: vocals 8

  1. maling siesta (delville)
  2. five-five-five (zappa)
  3. soft cage (the wrong object)
  4. cunnimingus (delville)
  5. king kong (zappa)
  6. we are not alone (zappa)
  7. strangler fig (delville)
  8. how it is (delville)
  9. chunga's revenge (zappa)
  10. apostrophe (zappa)
  11. outside now (zappa)