the wrong object

stories from the shed

2008 cd usa moonjune mjr018

recorded live in the studio with no overdubs, in 2007

michel delville: guitar, guitar-synth, electronics
fred delplancq: tenor sax
jean-paul estiévenart: trumpet, flugelhorn
damien polard: bass guitar, electronics

laurent delchambre: drums, assorted percussions, samples

produced by michel delville & the wrong object

executive producer: leonardo pavkovic / moonjune records

  1. sonic riot at the holy palate  (delville)

  2. 15/05  (delplancq)

  3. sheepwrecked  (polard)

  4. acquiring the taste  (delchambre, delville, polard)

  5. lifting belly  (delville)

  6. malign siesta  (delville)

  7. theresa's dress  (delville)

  8. rippling stones  (the wrong object)

  9. theresa's dress (reprise)  (delville)

  10. strangler fig  (delville)

  11. waves and radiations  (delchambre, delville, polard)

  12. saturn  (estiévenart)

  13. the unbelievable truth - part I  (delville)

  14. the unbelievable truth - part II  (delville)