zappa / the mothers of invention

we're only in it for the money (demo & test pressing)

2006 cdr-bootleg japan -

limited edition of 200 copies

used as a promotional disc for the "mono & acetates" bootleg album


  1. lonely little girl (instrumental, extended)
    - oh no, i don't believe it (lumpy gravy)
    - lonely little girl (reprise)
  2. theme from burnt weeny sandwich (without percussion overdubs)
  3. mom and dad (extended, with concentration moon parts)
  4. bow tie daddy
  5. harry, you're a beast
  6. what's the ugliest part of your body ? (extended)
  7. guitar solo
  8. take your clothes off when you dance
  9. mother people (cuts at orchestral bit)
  10. the idiot bastard son
  11. who needs the peace corps (extended)