zappa / mothers

mono & acetates

2006 3cd-bootleg japan howard carter hcmc 006/007/008

a limited edition cdr (200 copies) was released to promote this album

disc one

freak out (mono version)

  1. hungry freaks, daddy
  2. i ain't got no heart
  3. who are the brain police?
  4. go cry on somebody else's shoulder  (zappa, collins)
  5. motherly love
  6. how could i be such a fool
  7. wowie zowie
  8. you didn't try to call me
  9. any way the wind blows
  10. i'm not satisfied
  11. you're probably wondering why i'm here
  12. trouble every day
  13. help, i'm a rock
  14. the return of the son of monster magnet

disc two

lumpy gravy (outtakes)

  1. part 01
  2. part 02
  3. part 03
  4. part 04

we're only in it for the money (acetate)

  1. lonely little girl (instrumental, extended)
    - oh no, i don't believe it (lumpy gravy)
    - lonely little girl (reprise)
  2. theme from burnt weeny sandwich (without percussion overdubs)
  3. mom and dad (extended, with concentration moon parts)
  4. bow tie daddy
  5. harry, you're a beast
  6. what's the ugliest part of your body ? (extended)
  7. guitar solo
  8. take your clothes off when you dance
  9. mother people (cuts at orchestral bit)
  10. the idiot bastard son
  11. who needs the peace corps (extended)

bonus track (single edit version)

  1. lonely little girl
    - take your clothes off when you dance

disc three

uncle meat (demo acetate)

  1. dog breath, in the year of the plague (different ending)
  2. the legend of the golden arches
  3. louie louie (at the royal albert hall in london)
  4. the dog breath variations
  5. project x excerpt
  6. dwarf nebula processional march & dwarf nebula (extended, incl. the beginning of get a little)
  7. a pound for a brown on the bus
  8. electric aunt jemima
  9. our bizarre relationship (end)
  10. we can shoot you (end)
  11. if we'd all been living in california (slightly extended)
  12. ian underwood whips (monologue only)
  13. "all the way down the tonsils"
  14. the air
  15. genes (w/ spoken intro from we can shoot you)
  16. uncle meat variations
  17. uncle meat main title theme
  18. our bizarre relationship
  19. sleeping in a jar
  20. cops and buns
  21. king kong