frank zappa

the cucamonga era

disc three of the "20 years of frank zappa" box


side one

  1. the masters: breaktime
  2. baby ray & the ferns: how's your bird
  3. baby ray & the ferns: the world's greatest sinner
  4. ned & nelda: hey nelda
  5. ned & nelda: surf along
  6. the heartbreakers: everytime i see you
  7. bob guy: dear jeepers
  8. bob guy: letters from jeepers
  9. brian lord & the midnighters: the big surfer

side two

  1. the penguins: memories of el monte
  2. the hollywood persuaders: grunion run
  3. the hollywood persuaders: tijuana surf
  4. mr.clean: mr.clean
  5. mr.clean: jessie lee
  6. the rotations: heavies
  7. the hollywood persuaders: drums-a-go-go
  8. the hollywood persuaders: hot water
  9. brian lord & the midnighters: not another one
  10. the masters: sixteen tons