frank zappa

rollo / portland improvisation

2017 10" usa zappa records bpr1230

record store day release

frank zappa: conductor, guitar, vocals
malcolm mcnab: trumpet
gary barone: trumet
tom malone: tuba, saxes, piccolo trumpet, trumpet
earl dumler: woodwinds
glenn ferris: trombone
bruce fowler: trombone
tony duran: slide guitar
dave parlato: bass
jim gordon: drums, steel drum

produced by frank zappa
produced for release by ahmet zappa & joe travers


side a

  1. rollo  (includes 'rollo', 'the rollo interior area', 'rollo goes out')
    recorded live in kansas city, mo 12.02.1972
    mixed by frank zappa at the utility muffin research kitchen circa early '80s

side b

  1. portland improvisation  (previously unreleased)
    recorded live in portland, or 12.09.1972
    mixed and edited by frank zappa at the record plant, l.a., ca circa mid '70s