frank zappa & the mothers

roxy the movie
= a selection of the pal and original sound studio collection // feat.contributions by frank zappa

2015 cd+dvd eu eagle vision eagdv050

recorded 8, 9 and 10 december 1973 at 'the roxy' in hollywood, ca, usa

frank zappa: guitar, percussion, vocals
ruth underwood: percussion
ralph humphrey: drums and percussioni
george duke: keyboards and vocals
tom fowler: bass
bruce fowler: trombone
napoleon murphy brock: tenor saxophone, flute and vocals
chester thompson: drums

produced by frank zappa, gail zappa, ahmet zappa and jeff stein

directed, written, composed and performed by frank zappa

  1. "something terrible has happened"
  2. cosmik debris
  3. penguin in bondage
  4. t'mershi duween
  5. the dog breath variations
  6. uncle meat
  7. rdnzl
  8. inca roads
  9. echidna's arf (of you)
  10. don't you ever wash that thing?
  11. cheepnis-percussion
  12. cheepnis
  13. i'm the slime
  14. big swifty
  15. be-bop tango (of the old jazzmen's church)

    end credits
  16. don't eat the yellow snow
  17. father o'blivion