the agon orchestra, cond. petr kofroň 

Saturday, May 17, 2003, the Agon Orchestra performed compositions by Frank Zappa at the Prague Spring Festival. It was the first production in the fifty-eight-year history of the festival to include rock music, and it took place in the spaces of the trades fair palace of the national gallery, Prague.

The press release said:
"... to mark the tenth anniversary of the premature death of the composer, the symphonic compositions of Frank Zappa, one of the most original and most controversial figures of music in the second half of the twentieth century, will be performed by the Agon Orchestra conducted by its artistic director Petr Kofroň. The compositions were made in collaboration with the conductors Pierre Boulez and Zubin Mehta, the famous InterContemporain ensemble and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
Apart from these works, an utterly individual blend of the ideas of Varčse and the inspiration of Stravinsky, the performance will be an opportunity for members of the Pražský výběr rock band to join forces again – in particular Michal Pavlíček and Michael Kocáb, both friends and collaborators of Zappa’s, who provided him with the impetus to visit Prague in 1990."

November 19, 2004, The Agon Orchestra did another concert performing Zappa material. Conducted by Petr Kofroň, they performed 'Revised Music for Low Budget Symphony Orchestra' at the Arc Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic.


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