pražský výběr

june 24, 1991, frank zappa played with pražský výběr.  parts of this concert, including zappa's performance' were released on album.

may 17, 2003, during the "prague spring international music festival", two members of pražský výběr (michal pavlíček and michael kocáb) performed zappa pieces together with the agon orchestra (conducted by petr kofroň).  


  prazsky vyber: adieu c.a. - live
    (1991, cd, cs, ap 0001-2311) – incl. an improvisation with frank zappa

  prazsky vyber: komplet
    (1995, cd, cs, bonton music a.s. 710277/8-2) – incl. an improvisation with frank zappa
  pražský výběr II: vymlácený rockový palice
    (2007, cd, czech republic, columbia) – quotes "music is the best" from 'packard goose'
  prazsky vyber II: live
    (2008, dvd, cs, ??) – quotes "music is the best" from 'packard goose'


random notes

03/03/92 CD Prazsky Vyber- Adieu CA (Hungary Art Production K 0001-2311)

??/??/95 CD Prazsky Vyber- Komplet (Hungary BONTON Music a.s. 71 0277/8-2)

Concert date: June 24th, 1991 (Prague, Czechoslovakia)

     From: Chris Rigas (
This is from a Czechoslovak TV broadcast of the concert called Adieu C.A., celebrating the removal of Soviet Union troops from the Czechoslovak territory. Prazsky Vyber (The Prague Selects) is the group playing under the leadership of Michael Kocab. FZ plays guitar on Improvizace v A dur, where he exchanges guitar solos with Prazsky Vyber's guitarist Michael Pavlicek. FZ participation spans about 7 minutes. This concert is also available on the CD Adieu C.A., which was released in Czechoslovakia.

The concert by the Czech rock group Prazsky Vyber, which took place on June 24, 1991 in the Sports Hall in Prague was called Adieu C.A., which translated means "Goodbye Soviet Army". The concert was to celebrate the removal of the Soviet Union Army from the territory of Czechoslovakia. The concert was organized by the vocalist for Prazsky Vyber, Michael Kocab, who at that time was a member of the Czechoslovak Parliament. One of Kocab's duties at the parliament was overseeing the removal of the Soviet troops.
Frank Zappa jammed with the group on one of the songs:"Improvizace v A dur s Frankem Zappou". FZ played a guitar solo on this cut, which also included a "guitar duel" with Prazsky Vyber's guitarist Michal Pavlicek.
FZ's participation in this concert is captured on the Prazsky Vyber's CD titled Adieu CA, which was released in 1992. The concert was also shown on Czechoslovak TV.
The Prazsky Vyber musicians at the concert were:
Michael Kocab - vocals, keyboards, trumpet
Michal Pavlicek - guitar
Vilem Cok - bass guitar, vocals
David Koller - drums
Stanislav Jelinek - guitar
Franta Honig - percussions
Milo Vacik - percussions
Ladislav Faktor - keyboards
The Roucek Brass Band
and of course Frank Zappa on guitar

     From: Istvan Fekete (
Frank was a guest at the concert of the band 'Prazsky Vyber'.  The event celebrated the withdrawal of soviet troups from Czechoslovakia. (C.A. = Soviet Army)  The czech guitar player tried to provoke FZ into a guitar duel. FZ who didn't play for 3 yrs left a little bit angry.

This is available on the following CD:
Prazsky Vyber: Adieu C.A.
Catalog No.: AP 0001-2311
Track 6: Improvizace v A Dur s Frankem Zappou

     From: TTrocc7007 (
The tracks are listed thusly (keep in mind there are many punctuation marks not featured on my keyboard):
1. Reminiscence
2. Cicolina
3. Knedlik
4. Zubata
5. Spickova Kultura
6. Improvizace V A Dur S Frankem Zappou
7. Snazivec
8. Blaznivy Reggae
9. Prazskej Buran
10. Tatrman
11. Proc Jen Ja

     From: Lewis Saul (
This music grows on you.  It sometimes sounds Kafka-esque, rather scary, other times very tight, kick-ass music.  In one tune, they quote from "Can't Buy Me Love."  I wish I had more info on this too.  Perhaps my brother has more info.  I'll ask him.  Eventually, Zappa is introduced: Here's what I hear:
Interesting Slavic Rock Song ends to applause;  Slavic Guy Says: (something like) Ta Ja Ga Voltay . . . Abi Fram Zitz Stavel . . . Mister FRANK ZAPPA!!!
FZ: I have only a few words to say (translation) . . . before I go through the grueling process of tuning my guitar (translation). . . but I am very happy to be here tonight (translation) . . . this is . . .(much applause) . . . this is the first time that I have had a reason to play my guitar in three years (translation).  So, (more applause) . . . I'm sure you already know it, but this is just the beginning of your new future in this country (translation) . . . and I hope that your new future will be very perfect, very perfect (translation) . . . and as you confront the new changes that will take place, please try and keep your country unique.  Don't change into something else.  Keep it unique (translation).  What we are going to do is a reggae improvisation in the key of A (translation).  And if there are any Soviet troops in the audience, you may dance home to this (translation).
Then a reggae improv in A ensues.  I would classify this as an excellent solo.  He does not sound like he ever put the thing down!

     From: Vladimir Sovetov (
Just would like to correct one of Michael's russian errors
Mother! by Michael Gray (1994 edition. p.225)

Footnote dealing with the name of 'Prazsky Vyber - Live - Adieu CA' Czech LP.
"On AP Records of Prague, catalogue no. 0001-2311, 'CA' was Czech's abreviated name for the Soviet army."
Well, it isn't Czech's abbreviaton at all (which is SA in fact). CA is a russian abbreviation for Soviet Army (óĎ×ĹÔÓËÁŃ áŇÍÉŃ - óá), but even more important here that this two golden letters were on shoulder-straps of every soviet private at home and in Czechoslovakia too. So the Adieu to CA was very graphical for the people of that country.

This track appears in three forms.
1. the Adieu CA album.  
2. A television broadcast video.
3. A 2CD retrospective of Prazsky Vyber's career, called "Komplet".  The track in question on this version is called "Improvizace v Adur s F. Zappou". 

     Subject: Prazsky Vyber "Komplet" 2CD set 
The track on this 2CD set is the exact same recording as on "Adieu CA". Since the latter has been out of print for years, the Bonton Music label decided to include it on this Prazsky Vyber career compilation.

     From: wrote:
As far as I know, this CD was available only in Czechoslovakia. The FZ portion of the concert also appears on another Prazsky Vyber CD titled Komplet, which was released in the Czech Republic in 1995. Again, I don't know if this is available outside the Czech Republic.

     From: Kristian Kier (
Wrong. It was also available as japanese import in some shops specialised in imports. Very expensive. I paid 59,- DM for it.
Prazsky Vyber "Adieu C. A."
APK (Art Production K.)
AP 0001-2311
(MSIF 1200)
Of course it does include one of those nice inserts only Toshi can read...  

  1. Hrabě X
  2. Na Václavském Václaváku
  3. Straka V Hrsti
  4. Pražákům Je Hej
  5. Můj Koníček
  6. Bangabasava
  7. S.O.S.
  8. Zubatá
  9. Tango Ropotámo
10. Proč Jen Já
11. Nádraží
12. Olda Je Přítel Můj
13. Komu Se Nelení, Tomu Se ženění
14. Nafta Nad Zlato
15. Život Mě štíp
16. Já Rasisty Nikdy Neměl Rád
17. Tatrman
18. Člověk Bez Talentu
19. Papíry Straší
20. Sbal Si To Svý Ráno
21. Hrály Dudy
22. Smolař
23. Tyhle řeči Znám
24. Chvastoun
25. Snaživec
26. Reminiscence (live)
27. Špičková Kultura (live)
28. Čičolína (live)
29. Improvizace V A Dur S Frankem Zappou (live)
30. Proč Jen Já (live)


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