the *#!%%? of ant-bee - rarities vol.3
    - feat.bunk gardner, don preston, jc black, motorhead sherwood

1993 k7 usa electrik yak records 009

the ant-bee (billy james): vocals, drums, percussion, keyboard, tape
bunk (bunk gardner): sax, snorks
dom dewilde (don preston): keyboard
geronimo black (jimmy carl black): dialogue
motorhead (euclid james sherwood): snorks
dr.chadbourne (eugene chadbourne): banjo, rake
herman monster (roy herman): guitar
the mod martian (rod martin): guitar
reoccuring schizms (scott renfro): tape manipulations, guitar
monk (monk mcmanimen): keyboard
classical physhe (suzanne mcbrayer): laughter
albert physhe (alan mcbrayer): laughter
om shanti (jeff marden): laughter
sid silent (mike rowell): laughter
carlos guitarlos (peter radloff): guitar

  1. snork 1 (motorhead snorks)
  2. phone call from my mothers - part 1
  3. bunk blows horn (early mix featuring bunk gardner)
  4. the story of motorhead (early mix)
  5. phone call from my mothers - part II
  6. dom dewilde cosmically tranzforms (early mix featuring don preston & jimmy carl black)
  7. wheeze me, chees me (early mix)
  8. the story of motorhead (early mix)
  9. a banjo bizarre - part I (featuring eugene chadbourne)
  10. moonpie cooked II (featuring bunk gardner & don preston)
  11. phone call from my mothers - part III
  12. dom dewilde tranzforms once again (featuring don preston)
  13. let's sing this all backwards (featuring ant-bee)
  14. phone call from my mothers - part IV
  15. the bunk sessions - part I (solo saxophone - featuring bunk gardner)
  16. snork II (motorhead demonstrates the snork)
  17. ant-bee speaks (radio interview 7/5/91)
  18. blew a banana thru the sun (rough mix)
  19. dr.chadburne abuses a rake while under the influence of electricity (featuring eugene chadbourne)
  20. geronimo black quotes ant-bee & himself (featuring jimmy carl black)
  21. don preston sessions - part I (an imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary mind)
  22. phone call from my mothers - part V