isabelle antena

Belgian jazz-singer Isabelle Antena recorded Frank Zappa's 'Village Of The Sun' in 1987. The track can also be found on the CD that came with Italian publication "Sonare"..


  isabelle antena: tous mes caprices
    (1987, lp, nl, les disques du crepuscule) – incl. ‘village of the sun’ (frank zappa)

  isabelle antena: on a warm summer night
    (1988, cd, japan, victor musical industries vdp-1317) – incl. ‘village of the sun’ (frank zappa)

isabelle_antena_onawarmsummernight.jpg (19240 bytes)

  various artists: sonora 4/94
    (1994, book + cd, i, materiali sonori cd 0593) – incl.various artists playing various zappa compositions


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