big swifty & associates

Frank Zappa's influence on the music of Big Swifty & Associates is evident. The band also performed various Frank Zappa compositions.
Big Swifty & Associates recorded two demos and even one album, entitled ""Wouldn't You Rather be Involved in a Series of Colorful Time-Wasting Trends?"

Big Swifty & Associates mastermind, Don Julin, also performed and recorded Zappa material on his later work.

Big Swifty & Associates


  big swifty & associates: ?? (demo 1)
  big swifty & associates: ?? (demo 2)
  big swifty & associates: wouldn't you rather be involved in a series of colorful time-wasting trends?
    (1998, cd, usa, private release) - incl 'absolutely free' (frank zappa)


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