big swifty & associates

wouldn't you rather be involved in a series of colorful time-wasting trends?
- incl. 'absolutely free' (frank zappa)

1998 cd usa private release

recorded and mixed from may 1997 to july 1998

don julin: mandolin, keyboard
harry pfennig: guitar
rod russel: accordion, percussion
kevin gills: bass
matt becker: crums, bells
special guests:
mike gauthier: vocals 12
kevin kelley: guitar 12, 11, 13

produced and arranged by don julin

  1. kindofawierdrig
  2. dance of the praying mantis (julin)
  3. absolutely free (frank zappa)
  4. when animals attack matt (becker)
  5. white hair and wisdom (julin)
  6. el niņo (julin)
  7. when animals attack rod (russel)
  8. when animals attack don (julin)
  9. arabian dance (tchaikovsky)
  10. the 4th annual unicycle jugglers convention (julin)
  11. don's big looped adventure (julin)
  12. you make my skin crawl (julin, nesvacil)
  13. streetwalk (pfennig)