carla bley / paul haines

escalator over the hill
    - feat. don preston

1971 ?lp usa ??
19?? 2cd ger jcoa records / ecm records

recorded 1968 - 1971

carla bley: music
paul haines: words

michael mantler: trumpet, piano
enrico rava: trumpet
bob carlisle: french horn
sharon freeman: french horn
sam burtis: trombone
jimmy knepper: trombone
jack jeffers: bass trombone
john buckingham: tuba
jimmy lyons: alto sax
chris woods: baritone sax
bill morimando: orchestra bells, alto sax
roger dawson: conga
paul motian: drums
roswell rudd: trombone
perry robinson: clarinet
gato barbieri: tenor sax
charlie haden: bass
don preston: moog synthesizer
carly bley: piano
nancy newton: viola
john mclaughlin: electric guitar
jack bruce: electric bass
michael snow: trumpet
howard johnson: tuba
peggy imig: clarinet
richard youngstein: bass
karl berger: vibes
bill morimando: celeste
don cherry: trumpet
leroy jenkins: violin
calo scott: cello
ron mcclure: acoustic bass
sam brown: acoustic guitar
souren baronian: clarinet

engineers: paul goodman, ray hall, jim crotty, pat martin, dick baxter, gus mossler, tom brown, dave jones, karl sjodahl, bob fries, nelson weber, wes wickemeyer

disc 1

  1. hotel overture
  2. this is here...
  3. like animals
  4. escalator over the hill
  5. stay awake
  6. ginger and david
  7. song to anything that moves
  8. eoth theme
  9. businessmen
  10. ginger and david theme
  11. why
  12. it's not what you do
  13. detective writer daughter
  14. doctor why
  15. slow dance
  16. smalltown agonist

disc 2

  1. end of head
  2. over her head
  3. little pony soldier
  4. oh say can you do?
  5. holiday in risk
  6. holiday in risk theme
  7. a.i.r. (all india radio)
  8. rawalpindi blues
  9. end of rawalpindi
  10. end of animals
  11. ...and it's again