michael mantler

Musician and composer Michael Mantler recorded two albums with Don Preston. The first one, in 1985, was called "Alien". The second one was a registration of a concert at the Art-Rock Festival in Frankfurt, Germany. Mantler was asked to participate in this festival, and formed a group with Nick Mason, Jack Bruce, Rick Fenn, Don Preston and John Greaves. This resulted in "Live", and got released the same year, in 1987.

In 1996, Michael Mantler recorded "The School Of Understanding", subtitled "sort of an opera", and that's probably the best description that one can get. Among the participating artists, we find Jack Bruce, Robert Wyatt, and, again, Don Preston.

The picture on the right is taken from the "Alien" album. It shows Don Preston and Michael Mantler.






  carla bley / paul haines: escalator over the hill
    (1971, 2lp, usa, polygram) - feat. don preston

  michael mantler: alien
    (1985, cd, ger, ecm) - feat. don preston

  michael mantler: live
    (1987, cd, ger, ecm) - feat. jack bruce, don preston

  michael mantler: the school of understanding
    (1997, 2cd, ger, ecm records ecm 1648/49 537 963-2) - feat. don preston

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