michael mantler

- feat.don preston

1985 cd ger ecm / watt/18 833 384-2

recorded at the 1st international art-rock festival in frankfurt, germany, 1987/02/08

jack bruce: vocals
michael mantler: trumpet
rick fenn: guitar
don preston: synthesizers
john greaves: bass, piano
nick mason: drums

music composed and orchestrated by michael mantler, words by samuel beckett, harold pinter, edward gorey

produced by michael mantler

side 1

  1. preview / no answer
  2. slow orchestra piece #3 (prisonniers)
  3. for instance
  4. slow orchestra piece #8 (a l'abattoir)
  5. when i run

side 2

  1. the remembered visit
  2. slow orchestra piece #6
  3. the hapless child
  4. the doubtful guest