crazy backwards alphabet

crazy backwards alphabet
- feat.henry kaiser, john french

1992 cd usa sst records sst cd 110

crazy backwards alphabet
  john french - drums, vocals, guitar, keyboard, harp
  henry kaiser - guitar, banjo, slide guitar, vocals
  michael maksymenko - drums, vocals

  andy west - bass
  bob adams - guitar, bass
  darol anger - violin
  scott colby - slide guitar, vocal
  harry duncan - harp
  bill frisell - guitar
  ralph nygard - midi wind controller bass

artwork by m.groening

produced by henry kaiser

side one

  1. the blood and the ink (bob adams & john french)

  2. det enda raka? (michael maksymenko)

  3. get to you (john french)

  4. the welfare elite (john french & henry kaiser)

  5. ghosts (eddie ayler)

  6. lobster on the rocks (john french, henry kaiser, michael maksymenko, andy west & stuart wold)

  7. sarayushka (la grange) (original composition: billy gibbons, dusty hill & frank beard•russian translation: michael maksymenko)

  8. dropped d (bob adams, henry kaiser, michael maksymenko & andy west)

  9. the book of joel (bob adams, everett shock)

  10. bottoms up! (michael maksymenko)

  11. we are in control? (john french)

  12. maran II (michael maksymenko)

    cd bonus tracks
  13. no doubt about it, i gotta get a new hat (henry kaiser)

  14. secret of the telegian (greg goodman, henry kaiser & michael maksymenko)

  15. "lite" blue mousse (bob adams, henry kaiser, michael maksymenko & ralf nygard)

  16. the same thing (willie dixon)

  17. herr magazine (bob adams, everett shock, henry kaiser & michael maksymenko)