crazy backwards alphabet

When Henry Kaiser was invited as artist in residence for the Frankfurt Jazzfestival in early 1986, he aksed Michael Maksymenko and Andy West (of Dixie Dregs fame) to join him for a concert at the festival. The gig consisted of 1/3rd Captain Beefheart covers, 1/3rd of Maksymenko compositions, and 1/3rd of other material: a ZZ Top cover, some Albert Ayler and some Kaiser and associates stuff.

Thus the group Crazy Backwards Alphabet was born, which later John 'Drumbo' French also joined.

The band recorded one album. It got released on LP in 1987, and re-released on CD in 1992. The CD has some extra tracks.


  crazy backwards alphabet: crazy backwards alphabet
    (1987, lp, usa, sst)
  crazy backwards alphabet: crazy backwards alphabet
    (1992, cd, usa, sst records) - reissue with extra tracks




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