crazy backwards alphabet

crazy backwards alphabet
- feat.henry kaiser, john french

1987 lp usa sst

crazy backwards alphabet
  john french - drums, vocals, guitar, keyboard, harp
  henry kaiser - guitar, banjo, slide guitar, vocals
  michael maksymenko - drums, vocals
  andy west - bass
  bob adams - guitar, bass
  darol anger - violin
  scott colby - slide guitar, vocal
  harry duncan - harp
  bill frisell - guitar  
  ralph nygard - midi wind controller bass

produced by henry kaiser

side one

  1. the blood and the ink (bob adams & john french)

  2. det enda raka? (michael maksymenko)

  3. get to you (john french)

  4. the welfare elite (john french & henry kaiser)

  5. ghosts (eddie ayler)

  6. lobster on the rocks (john french, henry kaiser, michael maksymenko, andy west & stuart wold)

side two

  1. sarayushka (la grange) (original composition: billy gibbons, dusty hill & frank beard•russian translation: michael maksymenko)

  2. dropped d (bob adams, henry kaiser, michael maksymenko & andy west)

  3. the book of joel (bob adams, everett shock)

  4. bottoms up! (michael maksymenko)

  5. we are in control? (john french)

  6. maran II (michael maksymenko)