eugene chadbourne

13 society
    - incl. 'steal softly through sunshine'  (don van vliet)

2015 cdr usa private release

recorded in south amsterdam, april 2015 with additional material for 4,5 from psychad studios, greensboro, n.c.

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals, arrangements
rogier smal: drums

  1. 13 society  (eugene chadbourne)
  2. on the road to find out
  3. willin'  (lowell george)
  4. colors for susan  (country joe mcdonald)
  5. it's no secret  (marty balin)
  6. cherish  (terry kirkman)
  7. cold gravy  (eugene chadbourne)
  8. steal softly through sunshine  (don van vliet)
  9. melancholy time  (eugene chadbourne)