eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show - the early years
     - incl. various van vliet & zappa compositions

2001 cdr ger inkanish records

eugene 'jack' chadbourne: banjo, vocals
jimmy carl 'jim' black: drums, vocals

remixed and mastered by jimmy carl black

  1. a good 250 tolar room
  2. more fresh garbage
  3. i'm willin'
  4. hello, mr.soul
  5. that strange feelin' in my heart
  6. the blimp (van vliet)
  7. trouble coming every day / oh no (f.zappa)
  8. the cave
  9. that's the way love goes
  10. shockabilly song
  11. secret of the cooler
  12. my banjo wants to kill your mama (f.zappa)
  13. nazi punks, fuck off
  14. lonesome cowboy burt (f.zappa)
  15. everybody loves a nut
  16. donna lee
  17. born on the bayou
  18. the powwow trail