eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show -
reflections and experiences of jimi hendrix

    - incl 'hey punk' (f.zappa)

2001 cdr ger inkanish records ir007

2001/10/26    concert 'reggio emilia, italy

eugene 'jack' chadbourne: banjo, vocals
jimmy carl 'jim' black: drums, vocals
pat 'black paddy' thomas: grand piano

recorded and videoed by robert o'haire

  1. wait 'til tomorrow  (j.hendrix)
  2. electric ladyland  (j.hendrix)
  3. hey (punk) joe  (j.hendrix, f.zappa)
  4. spanish castle magic  (j.hendrix)
  5. there's a red house over yonder  (j.hendrix)
  6. one rainy wish  (j.hendrix)
  7. axis: bold as love  (j.hendrix)
  8. little wing  (j.hendrix)
  9. purple haze  (j.hendrix)
  10. foxy lady  (j.hendrix)