eugene chadbourne  & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show
- locked in a dutch coffeeshop

    - feat.don preston / incl. van vliet compositions

1994 cd uk fundamental rec

recorded in 1993

(**)  recorded in 1988 at the moers festival, germany

  eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals, electric umbrella
  jimmy carl black: drums, vocal
the band in 1988 at the moers festival:
  eugene chadbourne
  don preston: keyboards and voice
  ashwin batish: sitar
  chris turner: harmonica
  brian ritchie: wood flute
  tony trischka: banjo
  murray reams: percussion

  1. dropped another needle (chadbourne)
  2. big boss man (reed)
  3. b.y.o.b. club (chadbourne)
  4. captain beefheart medley (van vliet)
        neon meate dream of an octafish (**)/ sheriff of hong kong / the blimp
  5. the umbrella (chadbourne, black)
  6. expense account meeting (chadbourne)
  7. call to opal (chadbourne, black)
  8. hey baby, que paso? (meyers)
  9. dawn of the living dread (chadbourne, black)
  10. colorado kool-aid (paycheck)
  11. fresh garbage (ferguson, california)
  12. prelude to chili in navajo taco (chadbourne, black)
  13. le hippie dogg (chadbourne)
  14. ethnic cleansing (chadbourne)
  15. crybaby umbrella (chadbourne, black)