eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show
- uncle jimmy's master plan

    - incl. zappa - & van vliet - compositions

2000 cdr usa private release

eugene chadbourne: guitar, banjo, vocals
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals

recorded in italy & slovenia

  1. mom & dad (f.zappa)
  2. king bee (slim harpo)
  3. honey bee (m.waters)
  4. modocs & cheyenne (black, chadbourne)
  5. medley: ornithology, now's the time (charlie parker) / purple haze (j.hendrix)
  6. land of use to be (chadbourne)
  7. honky tonk angels (k.wells)
  8. take your clothes off when you dance (f.zappa)
  9. rock and roll star (mcguinn, hillman)
  10. medley: pachuco cadaver (van vliet) / bo diddley is a communist (chadbourne)
  11. creator has a master plan / hum allah (sanders, thomas, liston-smith)
  12. evil (c.burnett)
  13. concentration moon (f.zappa)