eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show
 - the perfect c&w duo's tribute to jesse helms

2002 cdr ger inkanish records

eugene 'jack' chadbourne: banjo, vocals
jimmy carl 'jim' black: drums, vocals
moll:   4
liz:   4

edited and mastered by jimmy carl black

  1. you ain't woman enough (l.lynn)
    a. if i had one (t.hall)
  2. a call from elizabeth dole (chadbourne)
  3. nightmare on helms st. (chadbourne)
  4. dirt (chadbourne)
  5. medley
    a. trail of tears (jc black)
    b. cherokee trail of tears (j.littlefeather)
  6. an american national anthem (jc black)
  7. don't ask, don't tell (chadbourne)
  8. dorothy helms and cuban cigars (chadbourne)
  9. today's gun permit (chadbourne)
  10. help, i'm a plunger (chadbroune, black)
  11. or help, i'm a windshield wiper (chadbourne, black)
  12. i like the way you talk, man (chadbourne, black)
  13. put a hit on a bubble (chadbourne)
  14. brother, can you spare a dime (chadbourne)
  15. my penicel won't write no more (m.waters)