eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show - 2001: a spaced odyssey
    - incl.various van vliet compositions

2001 cd ger inkanish records

selections taken from:
2001/09/07    concert paris, france
2001/09/09    concert rotterdam, the netherlands
2001/09/10    concert tilburg, the netherlands

eugene 'jack' chadbourne: banjo, vocals
jimmy carl 'jim' black: drums, vocals

produced by jack and jim

  1. jimi hendrix medley
    a. one rainy wish (j.hendrix)
    b. axis: bold as love (j.hendrix)
  2. america stands tall (chadbourne)
  3. another cheyenne anthem (jc black, chadbourne)
  4. orange claw hammer (d.vliet)
  5. plastic factory (d.vliet)
  6. hoochie coochie man (w.dixon)
  7. click clack (d.vliet)
  8. wishin' all these old things werenew (m.haggard)
  9. who the heck is sonny black (jc black, chadbourne)
  10. my human gets me blues (d.vliet)
  11. the cave (revisited (j.paycheck)
  12. the ridder bar (chadbourne)
  13. the return of the hippy dog (chadbourne)