eugene chadbourne

duck, chad!
     - incl. 'veterans' day poppy', 'plastic factory' (don van vliet)

2005 cdr usa chadbourne products

tracks 3 & 4 recorded in concert 2004/12/05 at 'cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa
  with doctor dark

eugene chadbourne: vocals, banjo, electric guitar
schroeder: drums 1,2
hansjoerg greiner: guitar  1,2
dietmar koehle: bass  1,2
doctor dark  3,4
  bill saunders: vocals, toto ek chantar
  joe nolan: electric guitar
  travis moody: acoustic guitar
  pete brunelli: bass guitar
  steve chillemi: drums, percussion
brian jackson: piano 5
han bennink: drums 9,10,11,12,15
frank pahl: organ 13,14
joel peterson: bass 13,14


  1. one of these things first (nick drake)
  2. grey (chadbourne)
  3. veterans' day poppy (van vliet)
  4. plastic factory (van vliet)
  5. if i were king of the forest (harburg, allen)
  6. cheney's hunting ducks (chadbourne)
  7. lyndy (chadbourne)
  8. pursuance (john coltrane)
  9. legend of bebop (ornette coleman)
  10. rattler (traditional)
  11. old piano (chadbourne)
  12. lady day and john coltrane (gil scott heron / brian jackson)
  13. ruins of our own
  14. sleeping through concerts
  15. encore