eugene chadbourne

g.o.i.n. - april fool's in holland 2006

2007 dvdr usa strawn to gold s2g-003

recorded live at the 'plusetage', in baarle nassau, nl, 2006/03/31 & at the 'bimhuis' in amsterdam, nl, 2006/04/01

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals, arrangements
brian ritchie: bass
victor delorenzo: drums
brian jackson: piano, blute
molly chadbourne: vocals

produced and directed by robert o'haire

  1. intro
  2. change has come (ayler)
  3. der fuehrer's face (wallace)
  4. rebuild new orleans in iraq (chadbourne)
  5. the girl from al-qaeda (de moraes, gimbel, jobim, chadbourne)
  6. "it's an interesting match of people)
  7. living space (coltrane)
  8. lady day and john coltrane (scott-heron)
  9. vietcong (gary bartz & andy bey)
  10. the old piano (chadbourne)
  11. "mr.chadbourne is quite the bon vivant..."
  12. the bully song (chadbourne)
  13. pieces of a man (jackson & scott-heron)
  14. motherless children (traditional)
  15. blues for aida (lacy)
  16. uhuru sasa (gary bartz & andy bey)
  17. summertime (gershwin)
  18. home is where the hatred is (scott-heron)
  19. the creator has a master plan (sanders-thomas)
  20. mr.pc (coltrane)
  21. "hope to see you again sometime"

bonus on mp3