eugene chadbourne

live with doctor dark
     - all compositions by don van vliet

2005 cdr usa private release

recorded in concert 2004/12/05 at 'cafe nine', new haven, ct, usa

eugene chadbourne: vocals, banjo, electric guitar
doctor dark
  bill saunders: vocals, toto ek chantar
  joe nolan: electric guitar
  travis moody: acoustic guitar
  pete brunelli: bass guitar
  steve chillemi: drums, percussion

all compositions by don van vliet

  1. plastic factory
  2. moonlight on vermont
  3. steal softly through snow
  4. the dust blows forward and the dust blows back
  5. orange claw hammer
  6. i'm gonna booglarize you, baby
  7. veteran's day poppy
  8. doctor dark
  9. pachuco cadaver
  10. smithsonian institute blues