doc chad contemporary rock band

monkey bar

2016 cdr usa private release / house of chadula

recorded at 'the monkey bar', klosterberg, basel, switzerland, april 2016

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals, arrangements
jan fitschen: bass
dieter schroeder: drums

  1. 8 miles high
  2. rockin' in the free world
  3. autumn lullaby
  4. supplies dwindle
  5. after the rain
  6. danger!
  7. happy new year
  8. graveyard
  9. if you've got the money
  10. sunday monrnin' comin' down
  11. counting the days - the creator has a master plan
  12. dirty deeds done dirty chep
  13. okie from muskogee
  14. drive on
  15. runnin' kind
  16. no reason to quit