handmade cover - example number one

handmade cover - example number two

eugene chadbourne

paperboy - young and innocent days
    - incl. 'mom and dad' (frank zappa)

2007 cdr usa private release

recorded in 1999

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals, arrangements
jooee conroy: mandolin, cello, sitar, cylinder
gerg acker: flutes, saxophones, driftar, tablass
andy rademaker: bass
tod hildreth: organ, piano
steve good: clarinet

produced by dean zigoris, steve good and sam grey

  1. epistle to dippy  (donovan)

  2. martha  (slick / kantner)

  3. live and let live  (arthur lee)

  4. get off of my cloud  (jagger / richards)

  5. i can't dance  (gram parsons)

  6. den heyser bulgar and teacher  (ian anderson)

  7. young and innocent days  (ray davies)

  8. hickory wind  (gram parsons)

  9. rejoyce  (grace slick)

  10. mom and dad  (frank zappa)

  11. rehearsal for retirement  (phil ochs)

  12. lady day and john coltrane  (gil scott heron)

  13. essie blues  (john coltrane)