eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

jack and jim - 2001: a spaced odyssey
    - incl. van vliet & zappa compositions

2007 dvdr usa modern alchemy 01

recorded live in rotterdam, nl, 2001/09/09

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals, arrangements
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals

produced and directed by robert o'haire

  1. orange claw hammer (van vliet)
  2. dropout boogie (van vliet)
  3. plastic factory (van vliet)
  4. apache a go go (jack and jim)
  5. ethnic cleansing (chadbourne)
  6. click clack (van vliet)
  7. my human gets me blues (van vliet)
  8. (i'm your) hoochie coochie man (dixon)
  9. colorado kool-aid (thomas)
  10. one rainy wish (hendrix)
  11. bold as love (hendrix)
  12. willin' (george)
  13. ridder bar (jack and jim)
  14. wishing all of these old things were new (haggard)
  15. mom and dad (zappa)
  16. wo the heck is sonny black ? (jack and jim)
  17. that's the way that love goes (frizell)
  18. [a visit from dorothy helms / fire at the airport]
  19. willie the pimp (zappa)
  20. take your clothes off when you dance (zappa)
  21. orange claw hammer (van vliet)
  22. big boss man (smith / dixon)
  23. thow my money around (hooker)
  24. le hippie dogg (jack and jim)

bonus mp3's: jack and jim in concert june 15, 1992 at hebden bridge - west yorkshire, england