eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show - hearing is believing
    - incl. van vliet & zappa compositions

2007 cdr germany private release

studio material recorded in schroeder's studio, june 2005
other tracks, may 2005, slovenia

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals

pat thomas: fender rhodes, electric piano, keyboards, organ and cheap electronics
schroeder: additional percussion, drums, vibraphone, electronics, recording

  1. jack talking  (eugene chadbourne)
  2. eleanor rigby  (lennon, mccartney)
  3. chenyís hunting ducks  (eugene chadbourne)
  4. pithecanthropus erectus  (charles mingus)
  5. salt peanuts  (dizzy gillespie)
  6. itís 5.00 somewhere  (jim brown, don rollins)
  7. the long hot summer night  (jimi hendrix)
  8. mom and dad  (frank zappa)
  9. the girl from al queada  (stan getz / eugene chadbourne / molly chadbourne)
  10. intro to willie  (black / chadbourne)
  11. willie the pimp  (frank zappa)
  12. whatís goiní on  (renaldo benson, alfred cleveland, marvin gay)
  13. everybodyís got something to hide   (lennon, mccartney)
  14. it's getting hot in herre (c.haynes, p.williams, c.brown)
  15. misty roses  (tim hardin)
  16. when the grass grows over me  (don chapel)
  17. i don't know  (eugene chadbourne)
  18. the word   (lennon, mccartney)