eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show: the reflection and experiences of jimi hendrix
    - incl. 'hey punk' (f.zappa)

2008 cdr ger inkanish records / private release

recorded live at 'theatro cavellerizza', regio emilia, italy on 2001/10/26

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
pat thomas: keyboards

produced by the jack and jim show

all songs by jimi hendrix

  1. school girl intro
  2. foxy lady
  3. wait 'til tomorrow
  4. jc black (after sept.11)
  5. pat's slight beginning of electric ladyland
  6. hey (punk) joe  (f.zappa)
  7. "i hate to do this shit"
  8. purple haze
  9. pat's electric ladyland (a bright beginning)
  10. jim's indian talk
  11. spanish castle magic
  12. there's a red house over yonder
  13. electric ladyland again (pat's noodling)
  14. "that's what happened to america"
  15. one rainy wish
  16. "an' then they died"
  17. axis: bold as love
  18. little wing
  19. electric ladyland (final arrival)
  20. "it would be nice"