eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show: we don't have that in the home
    - incl. zappa & van vliet material

2009 cdr usa chadula / private release

recorded live in japan, 2008

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals

produced by the jack and jim show

  1. byob klub
  2. smoke on the water
  3. who the heck is sonny black?
  4. i got more pussy than zappa
  5. mrspooky
  6. dirt
  7. superfreak
  8. hoochie coochie man
  9. lonesome fugitive
  10. misty roses
  11. pharoah and leon medley
  12. help i'm a duck
  13. pachuco cadaver
  14. lick my decals off baby