eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show: the taste of the leftovers
    - incl.various zappa compositions

2002 cdr ger inkanish records

   eugene chadbourne: guitar, banjo, vocals
   jimmy carl black: drums & vocals
   sandro oliva: guitar & vocals

digitally edited and mastered by jimmy carl black for inkanish records

  1. i'm not satisfied  (f. zappa)

  2. something she said  (chadbourne)

  3. whiskey river  (w. nelson)

  4. livin' in a bottle  (chadbourne)

  5. hallucinations  (t.buckley)

  6. don't bogart that evil medley  (s. wagner / c. burnett)

  7. the a.i.m. national anthem  (black / chadbourne)

  8. lizziebird medley  (chadbourne)

  9. white rabbitt  (jefferson airplane)

  10.  love of my life  (f. zappa)

  11. how could i be such a fool  (f. zappa)

  12. mom & dad waltz  (l. frizzell)

  13. help, i'm a rock  (f. zappa)