eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show: think 69 tour, usa
    - incl. 'click clack' (don van vliet)

2008 cdr ger inkanish records

all recordings from the "think 69 tour", 2007 

  eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar
  jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
joee conroy: electric bass and electric sitar 
  steve good: clarinets 
  thomas heberer: trumpet
  brian jackson: piano & vocals
  tony trishka: banjo

edited and produced by eugene chadbourne

  1. cortez, the killer (n.young)

  2. waltz across connecticutexas (e.tubb / jack and jim)

  3. snow (hey oh) (red hot chili peppers)

  4. click clack (d.van vliet)

  5. condaleeza rice (doc chad)

  6. groovin' (the rascals)

  7. something she sais (butthole surfers)

  8. mr.spooky (the jack and jim show)

  9. margartaville (j.buffet)

  10. hello caecescu (doc chad, based on 'hello dolly')

  11. nazi punks, fuck off (j.biafra)

  12. stardust (h.carimchael)