eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

the jack and jim show
we'll be together again

    - incl. van vliet & zappa compositions

2004 2cdr usa chadbourne products

recorded live during the summer 2003 tour

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals, arrangements
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
pat thomas: keyboards, piano, electronics

disc one

  1. one more road to cross (dmx)
  2. i support the troops and i want my money back (chadbourne)
  3. the girl from al-quada (jobin, getz, e.chadbourne, m.chadbourne, lovens)
  4. iron man (dolphy)
  5. willie the pimp (zappa)
  6. orange claw hammer (van vliet)
  7. graveyard (trad.)
  8. buggy boogie woogie (van vliet)
  9. concentration moon (zappa)
  10. mom and dad (zappa)
  11. i'm a king bee (s.harpo)

disc two

  1. time remembered (b.evans)
  2. iron man (dolphy)
  3. vincenza train (chadbourne)
  4. night of the living dead (black uhuru)
  5. jungle cookies (chadbourne, thomas)
  6. north carolina (p.pablo)
  7. the blimp (van vliet)
  8. too late for drag racing (
  9. medley: needle / garbage / snowdrop
    1. dropped another needle
    2. fresh garbage
    3. snowdrop
  10. foxy lady (hendrix)
  11. one rainy wish (hendrix)
  12. red house (hendrix)
  13. margaritaville (buffet)
  14. we'll be together again (laine, fischer)