eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black

live at the zappanalle #14
    - incl. van vliet & zappa compositions

2003 cdr ger inkanish

recorded 2003/07/25 at the zappanale festival,
  bad doberan, germany

  eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals
  jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
special guests:
  mike keneally: guitar  6
  martin smith:  trumpet  9  (= the muffin men)
  andy frizell:  sax  9          (= the muffin men)

produced by jack and jim

  1. that buggy boogie woogie (d.van vliet)
  2. i wish i could sprechen sie deuch (s.backus)
  3. mom and dad (f.zappa)
  4. willie the pimp (f.zappa)
  5. take your clothes off (f.zappa)
  6. my banjo wants to kill your mama (f.zappa)
  7. concentration moon (f.zappa)
  8. the dust blows forward (d.van vliet)
  9. big boss man (j.reed)
  10. the girl from al quada (e.chadbourne)
  11. i support the troops (e.chadbourne)
  12. message to pretty (a.lee)
  13. wishin' all those things were new (m.haggard)