deke dickerson

Deke Dickerson recorded Frank Zappa's 'The World's Greatest Sinner' on his "Mr. Entertainment" album. He had released this track before as The Dekes Of Hazzard on a 1998 compilation album.


  various artists: delphonic sounds today: del-fi does del-fi
    (1998, cd, usa, del-fi 2114) – incl.: the dekes of hazzard: ‘the world's greatest sinner’ (frank zappa)
  deke dickerson: mr.entertainment
    (2003, cd, spain, r&r inc 020) - incl.'the world's greatest sinner' (frank zappa)


random notes

2004/07/30, Patrick Neve said:

I just got a Deke Dickerson CD called "Mr. Entertainment" which includes:
World's Greatest Sinner - Demo, previously unreleased
It's great!  Not just the Sinner, the whole thang.

-- Patrick


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