alessandro fabbri

Italian jazz drummer and composer Alessandro Fabbri was part of the If Six Was Nine ensemble, who recorded a number of Frank Zappa compositions on their "Adante Allegro (Con Testo A Fronte) album.
In 2005 Alessandro Fabbri recorded Frank Zappa's 'Little Umbrellas' on his 'Rosso Fiorentino' album.


  if six was nine: adante allegro (con testo a fronte)
    (1998, cd, i, splasc(h) records cdh 663.2) incl. various frank zappa compositions

  alessandro fabbri: rosso fiorentino
     (2005, cd, italy, storie di note / caligola 2059) - incl. 'little umbrellas' (frank zappa)

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