if six was nine

If Six Was Nine is an italian jazz ensemble. Created in 1991, the ensemble is made up of musicians from toscane, italy, linked to the "centro attivita musicali" from Firenze. The ensemble features Alessandro Fabbri on drums and percussion.
Their name comes from a composition by Jimi Hendrix. They also recorded an album on which they only play Jimi Hendrix compositions.

  if six was nine: la musica di jimi  hendrix per jazz ensemble
    (1992, cd, i, splasch(h) records cdh 376.2)
  if six was nine: adante allegro (con testo a fronte)
    (1998, cd, i, splasc(h) records cdh 663.2) incl. various frank zappa compositions

  various artists: frank you, thank!
    (1999, cd, i, il popolo del blues) feat.various artists playing frank zappa compositions



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