gloop nox & the stik people

In 1973, John Trubee joined Jim Nevius' Gloop Nox & The Stik People. The band existed only for a couple of years. Early 2011, John Trubee and Jim Nevius decided to reform the band to record the songs that they had written all those years ago. The recordings got released as Gloop Nox & The Stik People : Continuing Where The Beatles Left Off..." in 2015.

John Trubee adds:
"Jim Nevius and I were good pals at Lawrenceville School 1971-1975.
I joined his band GLOOP NOX & THE STIK PEOPLE. We rehearsed most every weekend in his basement in Yardley, PA 1974-1975.
One of our original drummers, Chris Leadem, commited suicide via shotgun in February 2011? 2010?
Time blurs.
His death reminded us we daily hurtle towards death. We must fill our remaining time with cool stuff. 
Hence all the effort and expense to get my ass back east, using up all my vacation time from work,
to record this album."


  gloop nox & the stik people: continuing where the beatles left off...
    (2015, lp, usa, trubee records 7300222) = jim nevius / john trubee

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