paul hof





frank zappa: 200 motels
   (1971, 2lp, usa, united artists)

fz013v.jpg (37378 bytes)


frank zappa: waka/jawaka
   (1972, lp, usa, bizarre)


the mothers: the grand wazoo
   (1972, lp, usa, bizarre)


the mothers: over-nite sensation
   (1973, lp, usa, discreet)


random notes

     From: Jack P. Armstrong (stucohomes@aol.comABBAZABA)
Who are the people under the CD tray on Over-Nite Sensation?

     From: RRAALLFF (rraallff@aol.compost)
Paul Hof and Jay "Dunt" Sloatman, who are also the models for the two-headed roadie in Dave McMacken's cover painting.

     From: Jack P. Armstrong (stucohomes@aol.comABBAZABA)
Ah! Many Thanks.  Now can anyone tell me who Paul Hof is?  A roadie maybe?

     From: Charles Ulrich (
He's credited as one of the "technicians" on Fillmore 1971, for "special technical assistance" on The Grand Wazoo, and for "technical" on Apostrophe ('). Someone quoted on Patrick's page for Miss Janet referred to him as "equipment manager".

Here's what FZ himself said in an interview on WGOE, 11/3/72:
   "Paul Hof is our main technician, who's been with me for a number of years. And he sees to it that everything works when we go on stage."
And at some point Paul Hof was married to Janet Neville Ferguson Hof.

     From: Patrick Neve (
He's credited with co-writing Spider Woman from the Ruben and the Jets album, "For Real!"



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