dave mcmacken

Dave McMacken painted the covers of 200 Motels and Over-Nite Sensation, as well as Rare Meat. He has a website



frank zappa: 200 motels
   (1971, 2lp, usa, united artists)

fz013v.jpg (37378 bytes)


the mothers: over-nite sensation
   (1973, lp, usa, discreet)



Featured here is the original painting by graphic artist Dave McMacken, who created this masterpiece in 1973.

Dave McMacken; "On a stormy night in 1973, Frank called me and told me the sorted tale of his band on the road. He asked me if I could paint it in a dark 'Dutch Master' style, where all parts are symbols of his tale. I immediately jumped at it and this became the final result".

The impressive work of art is casein painted on board and measures 24 x 41 inches. It has been professionally framed.

The painting was offered for sale on BackStageAuctions in 2010.




additional info: Charles Ulrich



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