yvar mikhashoff

Yvas Mikhasoff performed Frank Zappa's 'Piano Introduction To 'Little House I Used To Live In' '(Frank Zappa). A recording got broadcast on Belgian BRT radio in 1991.
Yvar's rendition of this Zappa composition can also be found on his "Panorama Of American Piano Music" collection.

Yvar Mikhashoff arranged several studies of Conlon Nancarrow's player piano music for larger instrumental ensembles.

  various artists: shut up 'n play yer radio / the others of invention volume 4
    (2000, cdr, nl, charpa productions) - all compositions by frank zappa
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  yvar mikhashoff: panorama of american piano music
    (2014, 4cd, usa, mode records mode 262/65) - incl. 'piano introduction to 'a little house i used to live in' '  (frank zappa)
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the others of invention



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